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Our Journey – Why COIN Impact

In early 2011 I was thinking about how I could find a way to pursue my passion for games and also make a difference to others in the process.  Because of my military experience and my profound respect for veterans and in particular wounded veterans and their families, I decided to focus on a military-themed game.  My concept was to create a fun and challenging game and dedicate a percentage of company revenues to reputable non-profits that support wounded veterans.

Over the past few years several non-profits have emerged that support wounded veterans.  Charitable giving is a concept most people understand.  Companies of varying [...]

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Consider Helping Us

As we launch COIN Impact there are some areas where we really could use your assistance.

Beta Testers – We have many volunteers already but we could still use help looking for bugs and providing feedback on the flow of game play so we can make corrections within the next few weeks. We will thank our Beta Testers with play levels and equipment for when we launch.

Community Members and Manger – While they have not yet been created, having a dedicated forum, community, and team leaders will be among the most important factors for success. While early game play will be easy, it soon gets to a point where a te[...]

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COIN Impact Website

As part of our official launch, we have created  Please visit, and start your gaming experience now!

Inspiring Artwork – Where Are the Good Items?

In an effort to remain as true to life as possible, we continued to face the same issue again and again: if we start out with great gear, what is there to work for?

Luckily, we came up with a solution.

The player starts out in a Prisoner of War (POW) situation, and must fight their way [...]

COIN Impact Featured…

This is a location to put some positive news about the launch of the COIN Impact game and give credit to anyone who features our story.