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20 April, 2012

As we launch COIN Impact there are some areas where we really could use your assistance.

Beta Testers – We have many volunteers already but we could still use help looking for bugs and providing feedback on the flow of game play so we can make corrections within the next few weeks. We will thank our Beta Testers with play levels and equipment for when we launch.

Community Members and Manger – While they have not yet been created, having a dedicated forum, community, and team leaders will be among the most important factors for success. While early game play will be easy, it soon gets to a point where a team would be helpful to defeat bosses. While people will form teams on their own we will offer rewards to leaders who step up early on and there will be additional monthly awards for all high-performing team members.

Non-Profit Partners – It has not been all that easy to find partners who want to take our money. True, it is hypothetical money right now, but that won’t be true after the first player makes a purchase. We would really like to speak to representatives at Fisher House, the American Legion, and the Wounded Warrior Program.  If anyone would like to recommend other veteran non-profits, we are looking for those with: very low overhead, a solid track record of supporting wounded veterans and their families, willing to share success stories, and willing to talk about us to their members.

Advertisers – We expect our player numbers to grow fast and we are looking for partners to help us make it happen. Here are some options for a partnership:

  • Tastefully paint your logo into the game as part of a cityscape
  • Create an item in the game which is based on your product. Our military supporters would love for their characters to wear 5.11 Tactical gear, Oakley shades, or carry a Springfield sidearm.
  • Host advertisements on our website or next to the game to encourage click-through business.

These are great opportunities to increase brand recognition and we will pledge additional donations for any of these options when given the opportunity.

We look forward to talking to anyone who is able to assist us in these areas.  Now is your chance to get in on the ground floor!

The COIN Impact Team

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