In early 2011 I was thinking about how I could find a way to pursue my passion for games and also make a difference to others in the process.  Because of my military experience and my profound respect for veterans and in particular wounded veterans and their families, I decided to focus on a military-themed game.  My concept was to create a fun and challenging game and dedicate a percentage of company revenues to reputable non-profits that support wounded veterans.

Over the past few years several non-profits have emerged that support wounded veterans.  Charitable giving is a concept most people understand.  Companies of varying sizes give money and resources to a number of causes and often make that fact known to their customers as a means of generating goodwill.  Certainly, individuals support charitable giving across a broad spectrum of causes.  But, few causes or non-profits have a community focus or linkage.  My objective was to develop a business strategy that combined my passion for games and my desire to generate financial support for wounded veterans; and to integrate my game players as a part of this community.

The flagship military-themed game became COIN Impact.  This is a game not focused on violent conflicts, but instead on chance events and cooperative team play.  COIN Impact represents an exciting opportunity to support our military community. By getting involved you can:

  • play for free with your friends and community members
  • raise awareness about our non-profit partners
  • select one of our three worthy charities to champion
  • make purchases which increase your enjoyment, and
  • see at least 20% of your purchases go directly to your chosen charity

The concept of linking a percentage of relatively small in-game purchases to worthy causes became the foundation for my company, Down Range Games, Inc.  As people play these games and make in-game purchases, they will choose which non-profits will receive their donations as a percentage of their spending.  We anticipate that this new approach to game play will be a huge success, as players feel a sense of connection to the men and women who benefit from our contributions, and we bring their stories directly to you.

Matthew Armstrong

Founder, Down Range Games, Inc.

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